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5 Horsepower Water-cooled High-speed

Fastest cutting portable rail saw on the market today! Finding that there were no inexpensive, light-weight 5 horse motors available to us, we decided to build our own: this 5HP water-cooled motor is the core of our new 5hp high-speed (3450 RPM) Blue Ripper rail saw.


The water that you are already using to cool your blade is fed through custom end-caps manufactured right here in the USA to cool the motor. We incorporated everything we've ever learned in sealing and protecting the motors from the wet environment of sawing stone into these new motors to make sure they provide both the power and the life we demand from our saws. This saw requires single phase 220-240 volt power, and easily cuts through 4cm thick stone in one pass.


Please note that if you cut a lot of extremely hard material, such as the volcanic browns or natural quartzite, the 3HP saw may be a better fit for your business due to the lower RPM and compatibility with a wider range of blades. Man-made "quartz" material is not an issue with any of our saws. If you just simply need the fastest Blue Ripper Sr for taking your production rate to the next level, this is your machine!

Price does NOT include rails. Blue Ripper Rails sold separately. For info about ordering a saw with rails see Notes below.

Blue Ripper Sr Rail Saw

SKU: 070-373
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