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Tenax Ager revitalizes and enhances the color of natural stone surfaces. It also enriches the natural grain of the material as it protects the stone's natural beauty. Ager seals natural stone surfaces so that oily substances take longer to penetrate. Colored liquids stay on the surface of the stone so that they don't get into the pores of the stone and stain it. Finally, Tenax Ager protect all sorts of natural stone against absorbing even clear liquids that can make the stone appear darker in spots; thus taking on a "stained" look.


Tenax Ager is the product to use when you are trying to achieve the "wet" effect. You can get that wet look indoors or outdoors since Ager can be used in both environments. This oil based color and grain enhancer is also a sealer that protects the stone form staining and from graffiti.You may also use this stone sealer along with dye for natural stone to get dramatic effects.

Tenax Ager

  • Adding Ager to natural stone surfaces produces benefits and adds beauty to the stone. The following list enumerates some of the benefits of applying Ager to natural surfaces:

    • UV Resistant
    • Non Yellowing
    • Stain Resistant
    • Enhances Color Tone
    • Helps Protects Against Graffiti
  • Tenax Ager is a color and grain enhancer and sealer designed for adding beauty to all sorts of natural stone surfaces including the following materials:

    • Marble
    • Granite
    • Limestone
    • Sandstone
    • Quartzite
    • Travertine
    • Agglomerate
    • Rosso Verona
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