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Tenax Proseal impregnating sealer is rated by fabricators as one of the best stone sealers to be used on natural stone such as granite and marble. Period. No other sealer will penetrate and protect as well as Proseal.


What about the 15 year sealers? Or sealers that come with a warranty? Are they better than Proseal?

On the surface , it might seem that way. But the reality is that they do not! Tenax Proseal Ultra Premium Stone Sealer out performs these sealers over and over again. In every instance that Proseal Granite and Marble Sealer has been tested directly against these sealers, the proseal is the one that does not leave the stain.


Don't just take the Tenax word. Independent companies have compared Proseal against severl brands of selaers including; Dry Treat, Stone Tech, and Miracle Sealants 511. All of these sealers are very well known and 2 of them offer warranties. What was the result? Only Proseal did not leave the stain.

Tenax Proseal

    • Granite
    • Marble
    • Quartzite
    • Engineered Stone
    • Limestone
    • Onyx
    • Concrete
    • Sandstone
    • Slate
    • Terrazzo
    • Travertine
    • Quartz
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